Rivamare and Riva 76' Bahamas.

Imagine that you’re in Portofino.

Beautiful port, Bellini for 40€, the most expensive boutiques. And there is this guy strolling – with an excellent tan, topsiders (no socks, of course), white pants and polo. No doubts: he arrived here with his boat and docked it only to have a lunch on the ground. If he is a real Italian (or tries to live like one) – his boat must be Riva, a legend in the yachting world. If you’re new to the world of luxury, learn this brand – it’s a synonymous with design and style in the nautic industry.

For the next level of yacht knowledge remember these names – Rivamare and Riva 76′ Bahamas. They are the new models of Riva boats. During some event with the best prosecco and extremely rich people some name dropping can be really helpful. Rivamare is 11.88 metres long with a full beam of 3,5 metres, has 3 color options, the deck is casing in chrome plated aluminium alloy, the maximum speed is 40 knots. Innovative, sporty, yet keeping the best of the Riva tradition. Riva 76′ Bahamas is 23,25 metres with the maximum beam 5,75 metres and the maximum speed is 32 knots.

c.a.p.74024 had a pleasure of joining the Riva team at the factory where these most chic boats are produced. And also we had a chance to get the amazing experience of riding one of their speedboats and can say that Riva boats have the huge mark of Italian quality and excellence.

Riva boats

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Text: Irene Belous