Earth, Heart, Mind

Photography by Leonardo Casalini

Edoardo | jacket vinaccia_CHIARA RIMONDINI, white sweater & orange trousers_COS, socks_ADIDAS, shoes_CAT

Ibrahim | plastic trench_NÖELL MAGGINI, grey waistcoat_COS, grey trousers_ CHIARA RIMONDINI, shoes_ASOS DESIGN

Edoardo | light blue sweatshirt_CHIARA RIMONDINI, black shorts_COS, shoes_ASOS DESIGN

Towards new frontiers based on technological interaction: we are at the dawn of a new era; astonishment in the new.

Reconstruction of the future, starting from the essential: earth, heart, mind.

Balance in diversity, link between peoples.

White of light: White as a symbol of a new possibility; dirty white, like a rebirth.

Death-rebirth of Christ. Pietà Bandini (1547-1555) by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Coexistence of organic and technological, towards a new aesthetic.

Interlacement, plot of existence.

Ibrahim | blue sweatshirt & light blue trousers_CHIARA RIMONDINI, shoes_ADIDAS

Edoardo | padded jacket_COS, visor & shoes ASOS DESIGN

Ibrahim | jacket & sweater CHIARA RIMONDINI, trousers COS, sunglasses & shoes_ASOS DESIGN

Photographer/ Leonardo Casalini (@leo.casalini)

Stylist/ Francesca Bordignon (@fralegambe)

MUA/Lisa Pascucci (@lisapascuccimua)

Model/ Edoardo Bigelli (@gedo_bi) & Ibrahim Diaw (@ibruz_)