We were born naked.

Watching and watching again your pictures, I found myself truly loving them.

I do not know the reason, but when I look at that body without any kind of protection, laid on a floor or on the ground, I started thinking of different worlds and dimensions, I dwelt on the fact we are animals as the other animals in the world. We were born naked.

Analysed your pictures, now I would like to know more from you, who you are, and what you do in your life.

Honestly I would like you to answer the questions, if it is possible, completely naked in front of the mirror, so you can think you are not alone in this interview, but there is someone who is looking at you, while you are in your intimacy.

My name is Pedro Ivan (32 years old). I’m from Portugal and i have no artistic background. I like to consider myself a naive photographer since i like to do things by instinct. I am inspired by the works of many artists, but my main source of inspiration are the people i meet and the places i visit. Photography has always been present in my life, but it gained an extra meaning when i got back to film photography. Nowadays i only shoot with film.

I currently work in the tourism area, and i am taking a master’s degree in Marketing. My work provides me the possibility to travel a lot, and i end up spending all my free time meeting people and photographing.

The element, you mostly love to shoot. The reason?
My work is very experiential, and mostly reflects my life.I love to shoot nudes, buildings and people on the streets. But i must say street photography is what i love the most. When i find myself alone in a city with my camera i tend to be very creepy following people. I am very voyeuristic, even though I don’t often use that theme on my nude photography work.

Photography was born as the “help” of the painters, just with a button you could portray someone far faster.
What is the photography for you now, the photography can help someone nowadays, and if so who, probably the new media?

Photography has become so massive, and it is very interesting to see that other forms of art are emerging. For example photographing with a smartphone nowadays is a completely different kind of digital photography, it has different techniques and there are amazing results.

For me photography is above all related to memory, so i like to register beautiful things and share it, hoping that others may feel the same way towards it. Recently i am also finding pleasure in making portraits of people and making them feel better about themselves. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences in photography.

It is also kind of funny that you ask this, because i am now starting my thesis and i will study the importance of photography in the new media.

We are living a new communication paradigm where people are closer to each other and are constantly sharing visual information that will influence other people’s behaviour. This has a lot of impact on the area I work in, where people rarely make a decision just based on their own judgement.

Our magazine deals with Voyeurism, according to you can we find this element on the social networks? Is that important? We can state we are, in a certain sense, naked on the social, as the protagonists in your pictures?
I believe social networking has a voyeurism side even though people are usually aware they are being observed. I think there is more of an exhibitionism side, as people are becoming more and more narcissistic. The new media gave people the possibility to create a virtual identity and be whoever they want. People are now less afraid to say what they never had the guts to say, and easily associate themselves with brands, people or ideologies.

So i think people are actually wearing underwear on social networks, because we are becoming more aware of how it works, and i don’t believe you can completely know the true self of someone based on what that person shares. They’re inviting you to see them, but also keeping what they want for themselves, filtering their identity.


Text: Antonio Moscogiuri