Nina Pons Fendi

Nina Pons is a young Italian actress, who grew up with the desire to become an actress since she was a kid. She began studying in 2014 while she was a teenager and continues to do so today.

Some of her most recent projects:
«Bangla» directed by Phaim Bhuiyan
«la Confessione» directed by B. Boccoli (award winner, short)
«Plurals» directed by F. Iezzi (web serie)
«I Promessi Sposi» directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah (play)
–Starring in the role of Lucia. The play has been on stage for two years.

«Baby» (serie – season 1 & 2) directed by Andrea de Sica and Anna Negri – Netflix Originlas
«Beati i Poveri» directed by Maurizio Micheli (play)
«Inverno ai bagni misteriosi» directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah
«Pene D’amor Perdute» directed by Loredana Scaramella.

From March 28th she will be on movie theatres starring of “E Buonanotte” directed by Massimo Cappelli.

She has just finished shooting the mini serie «Circeo» directed by A. Molaioli

Photography: Luigi Lista (@luigilista)
Press: Other srl (@othersrl) – Vanessa Bozzacchi (@vaneboz) & Sara Castelli Gattinara (@la_sara_kane)
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