Met Her at the Garderobe

Dmitra comes from Seattle, a city where a variety of underground music is in constant focus. There she began producing and djing. As Dj Help, she began putting on clubnights and parties. In 2016 she moved to NY and continued with this but started focusing more on production, taking the name Bunnylip and working as one half of the project SUBLIMINA. She moved to Berlin in 2019 and retired as Bunnylip and Dj Help to condense into one name: Dmitra.
Soraya is half Malaysian/German and lived and studied art in Glasgow and London. Moved to Berlin in 2018. They met when Soraya took Dmitra´s jacket when she was working in a cloakroom and have been together ever since. They quickly realised it would make sense to create music together as they spend all their time at home during lockdown – doing something productive and creative together kept them inspired.
“Our music is a combination of fun, bouncy club tracks and also at home chill-music. “We decided to make the music we wanted to hear.”
Soraya and Dmitra will be releasing their new record in the spring.

Photographer: Pia Opp (@pia_opp)

Stylist: Jimmi Kriste (@lurid.sensation)

Model: Soraya (@sorayaoffline), Dmitra (@ozmadmitra)