(from left) top CELINE, (right) coat RICHERT BEIL, total look RED VALENTINO

(from left) dress INTERNATIONAL CITIZEN, shoes AYEDE, socks WOLFORD, (right) blazer and pants MAGLIANO, top CELINE

on Vincenzo_raincoat KENZO denim jacket CLOSED on Bawsti_jacket and pants WOOD WOOD, top FENDI, shoes BOTTEGA VENETA on Cecelie_leather coat CLOSED, boots AEYDE, body and stockings FALK, jewellery PILGRIM on Laura_purple look KENZO

(right) coat HUGO, top and pants RED VALENTINO, jewellery PILGRIM, (left) jacket MAGLIANO
(right) shirt  VALENTINO, pants BERLUTI, belt VINTAGE, (left) total look CLOSED, jewellery PILGRIM
(right) pants SANDRO (left) total look CLOSED

Photography: Sina Ostlund (@sinaostlund)

Fashion: Davor Jelusic (@davorjelusic)

HMUA: Carolin Jarchow (@carolinjarchow)

Casting Director: Carlo Savoldi

Models: Bawsti (@bawsti), Cecilie Raebel (@cecilie.raebel), Vincenzo (@vincenzofrno), Laura Henze (@fleur_de_vie90)