Le Grand Bleu

Hilde van Mas and FJBAUR transform WURST into a living sculpture at the interface of art and fashion in a photographic-sculptural-textile way. The body is set in a deep blue, watery and heavenly at the same time: LE GRAND BLEU as a calm, level-headed person who advocates acceptance, openness and freedom and lives it. WURST is the neoneo-humanistic figure, climbs the sculpture podium and enters into dialogue with Michelangelo’s David, as a marble icon of humanism and human freedom. The blue skin and the textile applications as an abstract, painterly pole cover the living body; an oscillation between art and life, material and transcendent comes into effect. WURST is the soaring blue being draped by flowing threads of color, and also the mask-like hybrid creature between the worlds. No polarizing black and white, but open, free, large blue

Artist: Conchita / TOM / WURST (@conchitawurst)


Photography: Hilde van Mas (@hildevanmas)

Art Pieces & Outfit: FJ Baur (@fjbaur)

Styling: Julia Philippitsch (@jpheg)

HMUA: Sarah Bzoch (@sarah.bzoch)

Art Text: Barbara Steininger (@barbara.steininger)

Photography Assistant: Bogdan Zhvalevskiy (@addi_tph)

Location: F6 Studio (@f6theopenfactory)

Videography: Emil Scheichenbauer (@zehnzwanzig)