Photo project by Pietro Fanelli.

1. (biology) the nondirectional movement of an organism or cell in response to a stimulus, the rate of movement being dependent on the strength of the stimulus.

The idea of the project comes from an interest in study of human anatomy, using photographic tools to record and catalog it in details and in complex. The representation of the anatomical figures here does not retain a classical perspective, but almost deconstructed, as in Cubist painting. The main inspiration comes from art works of Cubists, Anton Giulio Bragaglia’s photography, Edward Muybridge and Jules Marey’s chronophotography.

The book of pictures, in conclusion, is a synthesis of all these elements applied to a study of human anatomy. In the end all the individual parts make up the body, but there will always be a mutation, a movement, merging multiple moments and perspectives that will make the image initially alienating and difficult to read.