Into the Dries' Garden

Dries Van Noten's Beauty Collection makes its first presence in Italy

Decades after the foundation of his eponymous fashion house, avant-garde Belgian designer Dries van Noten launched a Beauty Collection in March 2022.


One year after its global debut, the Dries Van Noten Beauty Collection inaugurates its presence on the Italian market. Landing in a corner at Rinascente department store in Rome Via Del Tritone, Dries Van Noten utilizes this space to disclose the secrets behind the creation of its Beauty Collection.


In celebration of the opening in Rome, Dries Van Noten turned the terrace of Rinascente into a lush garden, inviting guests to discover the beauty of its Beauty Collection through enchanting stories and enticing scents.

To concoct the most distinctive and appealing fragrance, Dries Van Noten invited 11 perfume noses to his beautiful garden in Antwerp for an inspirational tour. The fragrance experts scented the aroma of exotic flowers and endemic leaves in the Dries’ Garden and developed 10 signature fragrances that best suit the brand’s classic, elegant yet innovative image. The characteristics of different scents collide and collude, transforming into 10 exquisite perfumes that are suitable to wear under different moods, on different occasions and in front of different people – from spring to winter, and from day to night.


The package of the fragrances is also worthy of mention. Inspired by Dries Van Noten’s use of innovative prints, bold colors and exotic references, the package juxtaposes two different elements to create eye-catching visual impact. Just as the name of the collection, they are simple “impossible combinations”.


To wrap up the whole experience, the brand invites the guests to take a look at their make-up collection and beauty accessories. They are the perfect products to complete your look. The bald and dashing colors of the lipsticks will definitely make you the center of the topic! And don’t forget to always wear a silk foulard around your neck when you use the Dries Van Noten fragrance—as it will help the aroma to stay longer!

Text: Yves Tsou