a word that carries so much confusion
we’ve been taught it must be exclusive
to one type of relationship
reminded by stories made
to uphold the illusion
never shared between friends
only accessible through touch
our bodies, the carriers, the tools
something we feel, sensationally
whether a hug, a kiss, or making love


yet it’s so much more than,
far exceeds the limits of flesh
and can be found in shared moments
seated side by side, watching a film
sharing the responsibility
of cooking, of cleaning, of any little thing
a pact to take up an activity
a book club, skiing, or painting
by penning each other letters,
or simply speaking on the phone,
by making someone feel better
or simply showing them they’re not alone

because intimacy isn’t one
but many, not reserved for sex,
no, it hasn’t a monopoly
because anything can be done
– david-simon dayan