Photographs without postproduction by Maciek Jacik

How do you create your photos?
I create all the effects in my photographs in-camera. I prefer physical, tangible processes. I enjoy this because it leads to more spontaneous, interesting, fulfilling results. And it feels real, which is an important part of creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

You do not use postproduction – how did you come to this style and technique?
I was originally inspired by post-impressionist painting – admired how those paintings created such a powerful with just a few coarse brush strokes and by emphasizing color and movement.

I was originally reluctant to shoot full-body nude photographs. I felt like it was a cliche to do so. And I doubted my own ability to do something new.

I didn’t want to imitate classic photography or sculpture or dance. Most movements resemble those art forms, which isn’t interesting to me.

Was it easy to find models for “bypassing the rational”? How did they and you feel during the shooting?
My models are found via craigslist and model mayhem, as well as friends and friends of friends. Some were dancers and they were great. Some were dancers and they were terrible.

I was focused on creating interesting color fields and producing a mysterious, captivating movement. It involved close collaboration with the subject.

Would you agree to be shot naked yourself?
I’ve photographed myself nude for the series and posed for other artists nude, though it doesn’t interest me much.

Maciek Jacik

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