Last Dance.

Corrado Dalcò was born in Parma and, once he completed his studies in Graphic Design, he discovered that world so fucking weird and captivating of photography. It was love at first sight.

In 1992 he moved to Berlin, then to Barcelona and London. He instantly started to work for fashion magazines and advertising agencies. Shootings for Levi’s, Coca Cola, Nose, Sisley and others. His repertoire also includes music videos that explore different ideas of movement, tone and elegance. His work today is divided between the artistic and the purely commercial work, for advertising and publishing houses as a photographer and director.
But we really care little about castigate advertising and bon ton shootings, meant for eyes used to a sad bourgeois decorum.
We want meat.
And here we are served the meal. Definitely a lust.

What does it mean for you “woman”?
Woman means interesting character. You never get tired of photographing her because she knows how to change forever, especially herself.

The shooting most exciting you’ve ever done.
For now, the most embarrassing situation happened when I took two women who loved each other completely naked. I honestly didn’t know where to look.

Last Dance, tell me more about this new project. Frank and direct.
Last Dance is like a private aspect, a key component in what I usually do, intimacy, empathy with the subject. I interact, I just do not look at it. As a dance, perhaps the only, certainly the last.

There is a woman, a man, or a person in general, not yet photographed that you would like to portray?
I like to photograph famous people and portray them as if no one knew them, in the most troubled domestic intimacy.

Tell me a secret…
I’m a romantic, but no one notices.

Model: Margherita

Antonio Moscogiuri