A project by Ivan Di Turi.

“In quantum mechanics, the collapse of the wave function is the passage of a microscopic system, from a state in which the physical size of the system can assume different values, according to a distribution of probability; to a state in which such size assumes a defined value: a passage caused from whatever process of measurement of the size in question, which, necessarily interferes with the system that’s being observed”.

A work, maybe not the first, of Ivan Turi. And over at c.a.p. 74024, we love it due to it’s honesty. Honesty that’s rediscovered in the answer that Ivan gives to our spontaneous question.

A thing that we see often in art, fashion and photography, is the attribution of names with a strong impact, to things that may have very little to do with the name itself. What binds the collapse in quantum mechanics to a series of images of a good old wedgie?
To tell you the truth, when I was shooting I was thinking about collapse itself, the collapse of arousal, the emotional collapse. In a second moment I thought about the collapse in quantum mechanics, and tried to connect both things. This is how the photos came to be and, later on, how the video came along. A journey that I followed, first by thought and then through images.

Ivan Di Turi Photography

Text: Antonio Moscogiuri