Souffle Court

Souffle Court

Story by Romain Hirtz & Charlotte Gendron

coat & trousers_Drome, top_Andrea Crews, shoes_Olivier Theyskens, belt_Diesel, earrings_vintage

(Left) shirt_Andrea Crews, short_Arthur Avellano, belt & cap_vintage
(Right) shirt_Andrea Crews, dress_Anais Jourden, trousers_Jaded London, tighboots_Diesel, earrings_vintage

(Left) jacket_Litkovskaya, tights_Emilio Cavallini, shoes_Koché, glasses_Pawaka, earrings_vintage
(Right) total look_KENZO

jacket_Andrea Crews, tighboots_Both, belt_Sankuanz

on Erik shirt_Wilfried Lantoine, trousers & belt_Sankuanz, shoes_Both
on Liz sweater_Diesel, dress and glove_Olivier Theyskens, shoes_Koché, earrings_vintage

on Erik jumpsuit_Rouge Margaux, belt_Diesel
on Liz jumpsuit_vintage, top & skirt_Guntas, belt_Diesel, earrings_vintage

(Left) shirt_Issey Miyake, skirt_Arthur Avellano, tie_vintage
(Right)on Erik jacket_Andrea Crews tighboots_Both, belt_Sankuanz
on Liz jacket_Litkovskaya, tights_Emilio Cavallini, shoes_Koché,
glasses_Pawaka, earrings_vintage

photographer: Romain Hirtz (@romain_hirtz)
light assistant: Loup Ka, Juliette

stylist: Charlotte Gendron (@cidgey_)
stylist assistant: Johan Hermoso

make-up: Aurore Gibrien (@auroregibrien)
hair: Yann Turchi (@yann_turchi)

models: Erik Kettschick (@erik_kett), Liz Bakro (@lizbakro)

About Face

Blazer Jacquemus Earring Vibe Harsloef

About Face

Photography by Rachel Jiam

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filte,
MAC Cosmetics Face and Body
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer
Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

MAC Cosmetics Pro Palette: The Dame

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
West Barn Soap Brows

Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

Blazer Jacquemus, Earring Milanova Studios (up) Ring Mies Nobis

(Left) Top William Fan, Earring Milanova Studio (Right) Choker A Kiss just a kXXX

Face Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing mask
Shirt Our Legacy, Earring Milanova Studio

Shirt Sandro, Earring A Kiss just a kXXX

photography & set design: Rachel Jiam (@rachsuann)

stylist: Maya Lu (@thismustbtheplaceeee)

hair & make-up: Sabina Pinsone (@sabinapinsone)

model: Aria Lilith (@aria_lilith)

God Only Knows

boxers_Calvin Klein

total Look_Daniel Cloke



shirt_esby, pants_Naked & Famous

pants_Naked & Famous

pants_Naked & Famous

brief_Calvin Klein

brief_Calvin Klein


Photographer: Chris Fucile (@chrisfucilephotography)

Art Director: Dfernando Zaremba (@dferzaremba)

Assistant: Bailey Dreibelbis (@baileyquinn21)

Model: Simon Brown (@simonbroww13)

Tales from the Woods

Tales from the Woods

A Photography Tale told by Egor Tsodov

Total Look_CHENG

Outfit_Tokyo James, Shoes_Unicare

Jumpsuit_Wan Hung, Gloves_CHENG, Shoes_Unicar

Look_Guvanch, Shoes_Unicare

Pants_Victoria Hayes, Gloves_CHENG, Shoes_Tom Ford

Look_CHENG, Shoes_Tom Ford

Look_CHENG, Shoes_Unicare

Photographer: Egor Tsodov

Stylist: Guvanch Agajumayev

Mua:Crystal Bannoute

Model: Adeng

Set Assistant: Amina Kadyrova



Photo by Adam Peter Johnson

Photography / Art Direction: Adam Peter Johnson (@adam_peter) from Newcomers (@wearenewcomers)

MUA: Lisa Michalik (@lisamchlik)

Hair: Delphine Bonnet (@delphine_bonnet)

Models: Marco, Numa, Chahine & Nathan L


Photography by Luka Rade

blazer & pants_PRICE ON REQUEST, shoes_Zara

black top_H&M, mesh top_E.A. 1/1 S.V., pants_PRICE ON REQUEST, shoes_Zara

shirt_E.A. 1/1 S.V., mesh top_H&M, blazer_Zara, pants_PRICE ON REQUEST, shoes_ShoeBox

shirt & accessories on pants_PRICE ON REQUEST, pants_Hugo Boss, shoes_ShoeBox

pvc coat_PRICE ON REQUEST, dress_Patrizia Pepe, pvc boots_Zara

raincoat_Silvian Heach, mesh top_H&M, pink pants_Zara, accessories on pants_PRICE ON REQUEST

Photography: Luka Radek (@luka_radek)
Styling: Ana Nikacevic (@ananikacevic)
Make-up: Petra Sever (@petrasever)
Hair: Ivan Pervan (@pervanhairsalon)
Model: Mirna Bralic (@mirnabralic)


Dress_Greta Boldini, Shoes_Isabel Marant

Top_Annakiki, Shorts_Valentina L Fontana

Dress_Cettina Bucca

Swimsuit_16r Firenze, Earrings_Bulgari

Dress_Melampo, Hat_Illariusss

Dress_Melampo, Shoes_Repetto Paris

Swimsuit_Boogaloo, Shoes_Isabel Marant

Total Look_Marco Rambaldi

Swimsuit_Marco Rambaldi, Sunglasses_Jil Sander

Dress_Greta Boldini

Dress_Giorgia Arcidiacono, Earrings_Givenchy

Photography: Giuseppe Vaccaro (@gvcr_photographer)
Styling: Giorgia Melis (@melis_gio)
Art direction: Ivano Mansueto (@evanthedoorman)
MUA: Matilde Davolio (@matsmakeup)
Model: Martina (@sovradosaggio)


coat_Angelo Frentzos, dress_Iris Yang, belt_Malloni

jacket_Angelo Frentzos, top & bottom_Iris Yang, stocking_stylist own, shoes_Jucca

top_Cristiano Burani, culotte_Valentina L Fontana, skirt_Act N.1, gloves_Iris Yang

dress_Alberto Zamballi, gloves_Cristiano Burani

dress_Alberto Zamballi, gloves_Cristiano Burani, shoes_Gia Couture

skirt_DROMe, stocking_stylist own, shoes_Rayne

top_Tessa, skirt_DROMe, stocking_stylist own, shoes_Rayne, necklace_Ilenia Corti Vernissage

blazer_Angelo Frentzos, top_Edward Achour, skirt_Act N.1, stocking_stylist own, shoes_Myvi, ring_Ilenia Corti Vernissage

sweater & pants_Cristiano Burani, shoes_Alain Tondowski

Photography: Fabio Bozzetti (@fabiobozzetti)
Photography assistant: Danny Pochtar
Styling: Francesca / Rafaela (@francesca_rafaela)
Make-up: Ildana Khalitova (@ildanakhalitova)
Hair: Luigi Morino (@luigi_morino)
Model: Anna Tihonchuk (@annatihonchuk)


On Victoria: Cheetah Print Jacket_Seventy, Jewelries_Rosantica
On Masha: Black Jacket_Shirtaporter, Gloves_PRADA

(Left) On Masha: Coat_Shirtaporter, Dress_Pierantonio Gaspari, Necklace_Rosantica
(Right) On Victoria: Jacket_Gazel, Pants_Madame Berwich, Jewelries_Rosantica

(Left) On Masha: Jacket_A-LAB MILANO, Shirt_Pierantonio Gaspari, Pants_Garofalo, Jewelries_Rosantica
(Right) On Victoria: Jacket_Seventy, Dress_A-LAB MILANO, Foulard_WAYERÖB, Gloves_PRADA

(Left) On Victoria: Jacket_Seventy, Dress_A-LAB MILANO, Foulard_WAYERÖB, Gloves_PRADA, Jewelries_Rosantica
(Right) On Masha: Top_Shirtaporter, Pants_5Preview, Shoes_Cecconello, Jewelries_Rosantica

On Masha: Floral Dress_Seventy, White Shoes_Unisa, Gloves_PRADA
On Victoria: Lilac Coat_Seventy, Foulard_Annakiki, Lavander Shoes_Le Saunda

Photographer: Umberto Gorra
Stylist: Dario Amato
MUA: Riccardo Morandin
Hair: Deris Sbabo
Models: Victoria Boeva, Masha Zaytseva

Morning Shadow

Photo Story by Marcus Riggs

It’s complicated when you gravitate towards yourself
On the other hand it’s hard to talk to anyone else
You can’t help-can’t help where your mind goes
So lets’ harvest on the moon with the autumn snow

Photographer/ Creative Director: Marcus Riggs (@marcusriggs)

Model: Louis Valentine (@louiis_vii)