Nude Work

Photography by Lee Jae Jin

Photographer: Lee Jae Jin (@charmtrue.lee)

Model: Son Jin Hee (@sonyjinny)

MUA: Lee Eun Seo (@xoxov3)


Photo/ Caterina Romei

Photographer/ Art Director: Caterina Romei

Model: Anna Pau, Sara Americolo

American Wildlife / From Europe, with Love

Photo story by Mickey Aloisio

“American Wildlife is a road trip during the fall of 2016, in which I spent three months driving across the United States creating portraits of queer men and the surroundings.”

I saw this trip as an opportunity to create an America as I wanted; By choosing what and what not, or who and who not, I was able create something entirely real, but also something that does not simply exist on its own, a nation where the ‘other’ is the majority. In search of a sense of inclusion, camaraderie and compassion.

“From Europe with Love” is a collection of images from a two-month backpacking trip throughout Europe during the spring of 2018.

I am interested in how much our experiences shape our identity, specifically the
experiences we share with others. By turning the image making process into a collaboration between subject and photographer, we are able to observe our human connection.

We are recognizing and responding to one another. We are giving and taking, pushing and breaking, and opening up the boundaries of the other. We are exploring how our presented identities are challenged and perceived.

Feminine Beauty

Photography by Lee Jae Jin

Photographer: Lee Jae Jin (@charmtrue.lee)

Model: Look (@bora_look)


Photography by Carlos Marti Gracias

Photographer & Model: Carlos Marti Gracia (@carlosmart1)

Art Direction & Styling : Hernán Esquinca Rovelo (@hernan.esquinca) & Martin Niklas Wieser (@martinniklaswieser) at (


a Photography Story by Francesco Brigida

Shirt_Miu Miu

Body_Maison Martin Margiela

Skirt_Jil Sander

Body_Maison Martin Margiela

Body_Paco Rabanne

Dress_Miu Miu


Jacket + Culotte_Miu Miu

Photo: Francesco Brigida (@francescobrigidaphoto)

Style: Mauro Demestria (@maurodemestria)

Hair/MUA: Judy Bedetti (@judybedetti)

Model: Eva (@warvariations)

She Makes Me an Egon Schiele

(Self-portrait and social maladjustment)

Photography – SungHee Moon (

Model – Sumin Kim (


Sensual, vulnerable and intimate, Privé enable the viewer to dive deeper into their relationship.

Photography by artistic duo Arturo Bamboo.

One year after launching their first book, Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen present their second publication, Privé, a large format, black and white nude zine.

Imperfections, Light, Pleasure, Tension, Lack of focus and Darkness.

It’s not clear if the subject is male or female, or even which body part is documented – it feels like a discovery.

Wear a tattoo

Photography: Lucas Castro Pardo

model: Jalen


Photography Richard Kranzin

Boy Kevin