Light Shower

Light Shower

Photography by Óscar Bueno

Photographer: Óscar Bueno (@photoscarbueno)

Model: Clara Poles (@nvdeclaire)

Proiezioni del Corpo




Photography | Alek Pierre

Photography: Alek Pierre (@alekpierre)

Grooming & Photography Assistant: Mia Labate (@miaelleblue)

Model: Carlos Machado (@carlosmachado.official)


Photographer: Igor Vavilov (@ph_igor_vavilov)

Model: Daniil Wolf (@danya.volkovskii) (@voldanval)


About Atomesfere

Developed in Southern Europe during the last year, Atmosfere is an artistic research about isolation. It consists of a tape cassette, an analog photo series and a study on the Hikikomori phenomena. After the period we’ve been through earliest this year, which forced many people to deal with different and personal conditions of self-isolation; Human Collecting Memories and the artists offer a perspective that allows a new, and more global, debate about all the socio-cultural factors that cause or enhance the isolation process in urban society and a new point of view on the Hikikomori phenomena nowadays.


About HCM

Humans Collecting Memories is a music label based in Paris and Palermo. It is a creative multimedia project focused on composition, production and research in fields such as photography and sociology.

Photography: Francesca La Franca (@abraq_adhabra)

Music: Borromini — Giovanni di Giandomenico (@giovannidigiandomenic) + Aladin Ilou (@aladin_ilou)

Produced by Human Collecting Memories (

A Room With a View

Photographer: Karl Simone (@karl_simone)

Model: Lucas Queiroz (@qlindemberg) @ It Models

Melania by Iain

white cowboy hat artist’s own


wide legs sequin trousers PRABAL GURUNG 

red latex handmade opera gloves ATSUKO KUDO

Photographer: Iain Mckell (@iainmckell)

Stylist: Veronica Gabbana (@the_veronique)

Editors: Melania De Leyva & Veronica Gabbana

Artist & Model: Melania De Leyva (@melaniadeleyva)

Finding Eden

ankle boots vintage MARC NASON

ankle boots vintage MARC NASON

Photography & Styling: Blake Ballard (@blakeballardphoto)

Retouching: Anna Rovkina (@rovkina_retouching)

Model: Nick Panicali (@nickpanicali)

Amor Sui

Photographer and Art Director: Irvin Rivera (@graphicsmetropolis)

Sculpted Series No.1

Photography & Styling: Blake Ballard (@blakeballardphoto)

Retouching: Galya Voronych (@helen_retoucher)

Model: Calvin Cobb (@calvinonthecobb)