The New Briko Detector

Reinterpreting a Classic

Angera, May 10th 2023. It was a gloomy Wednesday, with the last weekend’s heat gone, the lakeside of Lago Maggiore returned to its early spring chills. But it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of a group of fashion and sport journalists, who, thanks to the warm welcome of Briko, were eager to explore the brand’s eyewear production hub.


To celebrate the launch of the new Detector sports eyewear, the top-notch Italian ski and cycling technical clothing brand invited press from different fields to join the trip, discovering the process of their eyewear production. The new Detector sports eyewear is a reinterpretation of the famous model that won the Compasso d’Oro – the most recognizable industry design award – in 1991.

Founded in a town on the shores of Lago Maggiore in 1985, Briko if famous for its top-notch sports gear and high-performance apparel. Originally the producer of ski waxes for Italian ski team, founder Alberto Brignone soon decided to diversify its production by starting the production lines in glasses, helmets and ski clothing.


The new Detector is unisex, versatile and transversal eyewear, it keeps the most iconic silhouette of Briko, but with a design renewed in colors and materials. Without neglecting the technical characteristics that have distinguished the brand for over thirty years, the reinvention of Decector is perfect for use in various sports activities such as cycling, skiing and running, but also for the city and leisure time. Thanks to its high-end technical construction and innovative lens technology, Detector proves to be a winning accessory for all sportsmen who want to give their all.


The flexible and light silhouette of Detector, loved by sportsmen who do not intend to compromise in terms of functionality, comfort and protection, offers perfect adherence to the face, guaranteeing clear vision without distortions during physical activity.


The new Detector is available in three colors: Gray Shuttle with black lenses, Black Dune and Multi Pink Turquoise Gradient, both with mirrored blue lenses.


The new Detector sports eyewear is on sale from 20 March 2023 at the best sports shops and online at .

Text: Yves Tsou