(left) woolen sweater ZARA, leather trousers GIANFRANCO FERRÈ

Sometimes we forget to remember. We have left behind our traditions and the places we were born and raised long time ago, that old fashioned suburbs, those silent country roads, maybe thatway too small town where presuming a future seemed just impossible.
Later, on overwhelmed by the city with its chaos and its rhythm, we strive to find some time for ourselves,our minds taken away by a kind of urban pressure to perform and eventually we remember.
As we stop, we think about when we were kids with nostalgia, and we loved our origins so bad. So when we go back to those moments we realize we still belong to certain places and we are so ready to rethink
those memories and live them again.

white shirt DOLCE & GABBANA, black taffeta long skirt vintage VALENTINO GARAVANI, shoes ARMANI 

Photographer: Mardo De Ieso (@marcodeieso)

Stylist & Model: Stefania Standoli (@stefania.standoli)

Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist: Alessandra Standoli