Facetasm Men SS 2016


Backstage steals.

Photo: Tieto Mallamo

Daks Men SS 2016


Backstage steals.

Photo: Tieto Mallamo


An exhibition about Love, by Angelo Cruciani.

Speaking, today, about love, and doing it through mountains of hearts and disenchanted messages is a choice of great courage.
When I met Angelo, I appreciated a lot his talent in styling, then I discovered his ability in designing clothes. Now he can still amaze me, pulling out of his colorful cylinder the capacity extremely refined to create visual artworks (paintings in mixed media) that speak of sincere feelings, concrete, and they do it through signs and vivid colors, full of love.

On July 2nd, 2015, in Milan, the first Chinese gallery of contemporary art in Italy hosted the debut of LOVVISM, L’amore va di moda.
LOVVISM is the summary of a journey that lasted four years, moved on to explore deeply the symbol of love: a path that dismembers and reassembles the cosmic energy of a divine feeling. Love returns of being fashionable and claims his throne: in an increasingly virtual reality, it’s going on an overwhelming media invasion, that reports an indispensable collective need of sweetness.

Is it the beginning of a new Humanism? Probably yes. From the image of Christ to the flags of the world economic powers. The scope of the research for Cruciani goes into unpredictable directions, and it does so supported by the talented Manuel Scrima, photographer for years in creative couple with the artist, which translates into images the collective, conceptual and aesthetic actions of the project.
Yin and Yang of a single vision, thesis and antithesis of a unique message, Apollonian and Dionysian of a thought of beauty that tells of love through love.


Text: Antonio Moscogiuri

DSquared2 Men SS 2016

Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2016

Backstage steals.

Photo: Tieto Mallamo


To discover by searching.

Foulart is a project made by Francesca Vigna who works as creative consultant and vintage selector between Paris and Milan. Her textile knowledge and trends sensibility pushed Francesca to create FOULART, headbands-turbans made in Paris. Every piece is unique, with its story. FOULART is a vintage project: these accessories are second-hand foulards, scarfs or garments that regain strength thanks to this new shape.

It’s been decided to shoot FOULART with different look and styling, to show how versatile and fresh an headband can be. All the pieces are Francesca’s vintage selection.

I am a vintage selector and creative consultant with a deep sensibility on trends and an acquired knowledge of historical and contemporary fashion brands.

I’ve been forecasting trends through vintage since 2003 and I’ve been working for international companies while simultaneously teaching at the collegiate level.

In 2013 I founded Rommageroom – a multidisciplinary project that shows my aim to tell stories, select vintage, create styling, decorate and give a new chance to vintage and second-hand.

For IED Moda Milano I’ve created a course which is the only one of its kind in Italy. It is giving the tools to develop creative research books and paths to be followed by fashion designers, stylists, and fashion communicators.

You can have a look to her project on www.rummageroom.it.

For informations and orders contact : info@fou-l-art.com

photo: A+M (Anna Montesi+Mattia Mirandola)

style: Elisa Anastasino

hair: Liv Holst

make up: Ai Cho

Luigi Campa

Luigi Campa by Giorgio Codazzi.

Luigi Campa is a Teatro alla Scala graduate Classic dancer. He started immediately of being a part of the Staats ballet Berlin company, under the prestigious direction of Vladimir Malakhov. After four year of improvement, we came back to Teatro alla Scala.
Today he is a freelance dancer that works around the world, dancing into the Teatro alla Scala Étoile Sabrina Brazzo’s company.
This video is a project in which he shows his personal idea about dancing and “moving with feelings”.


A project by Ivan Di Turi.

“In quantum mechanics, the collapse of the wave function is the passage of a microscopic system, from a state in which the physical size of the system can assume different values, according to a distribution of probability; to a state in which such size assumes a defined value: a passage caused from whatever process of measurement of the size in question, which, necessarily interferes with the system that’s being observed”.

A work, maybe not the first, of Ivan Turi. And over at c.a.p. 74024, we love it due to it’s honesty. Honesty that’s rediscovered in the answer that Ivan gives to our spontaneous question.

A thing that we see often in art, fashion and photography, is the attribution of names with a strong impact, to things that may have very little to do with the name itself. What binds the collapse in quantum mechanics to a series of images of a good old wedgie?
To tell you the truth, when I was shooting I was thinking about collapse itself, the collapse of arousal, the emotional collapse. In a second moment I thought about the collapse in quantum mechanics, and tried to connect both things. This is how the photos came to be and, later on, how the video came along. A journey that I followed, first by thought and then through images.

Ivan Di Turi Photography

Text: Antonio Moscogiuri

Haute Food

About Haute Food

“Haute Food is a blog that pays tribute to food and its place on our collective imagery.

It explores through its research how photography, cinema, literature, music, advertising and fashion see and communicate with food.

Whether it earns a leading role or acts as a simple prop, Haute Food tells a genuine, unusual or tempting story with food and the rites surrounding it”

Haute Food was born and curated by Mara Corsino, editor and photographer who currently lives in New York. Mara started a blog about food and its connection with fashion, art, music, cinema, photography and all the visual arts in general. The blog started in 2010, years before the food became a trend-bomb like now. Serena Toffetti – photographer, stylist, fashion consultant – joined her doing the research and looking for pictures for the project. Later on she started taking pictures and doing fashion styling for the zine. People were following Haute Food, the project was going on and developing. So Mara naturally came to the idea of creating a zine to celebrate the one year anniversary of the blog.

There are 4 issues published already, here are the images from the last one, “Haute Food 3 Sugar & Spice” – cover, editorial and outtakes. “Sugar & Spice” consists of two books – a larger main black and white book and a smaller color book found in the inside.

Mara Corsino, does her constant research all over the world for the new artists to collaborate with, before sending out the topic for the new issue.

As can be seen in the photographs here, Serena always tries to mix erotism, sensuality, taste and flavor. She says: “For me food is strictly connected with sex, love, passion, life. Food is an excuse to talk about all the rest and all the rest is an excuse to talk about food. Haute Food’s motto is NURRITURE = LIBERATION. I deeply believe in it!”

Haute Food figures now in limited copies, every copy is numbered and can be bought at: Tate Modern, London; MoMA PS1, Nyc; Flotsambooks, Japan; Do you read me?, Berin; MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Daikanyama Tsutaya Books, Tokio




Haute Food 3 cover:

Photography Mara Corsino

Style Kirby Calvin

Model Jada Joyce at Elite

Haute Food 3 insert cover:

Collage by Kalen Hollomon

Graphic design and layout by Elena Page

Current editorial:

Photography and styling Serena Toffetti

Make-up and hair Maura Camilla Cocco

Model Lara Wehrs

Damir Doma Women SS 2016

Damir Doma Women SS 2016

Backstage steals.

Damir Doma

Photo: Tieto Mallamo