“Are you downtown with us?”

“Features outer garments from MiJA latest collection Postkompost trauma couture. Each piece is handmade by Mia Jadrna, the brand founder, from tiny scraps of textiles collected around designers studios in Prague. Those are then turned into fabrics, making each piece of garment custom and unique.

This editorial fruited from the need of creating together with friends after pandemic lockdown. Shot by India Ray, a group of Mias real life friends are posing for paparazzi in the streets of Prague in a series of fictional sitcom-like situations.

A non existing mashup of Dizzee Rascal and JLo’s Jenny from the Block plays in the background…”

Photographer: Iryna Drahun aka India Ray (iryna_drahun)

Clothes: MiJa by Mia Jadrna (mia.jadrna)

Stylist: Tereza Marie Valtova / Platform108 (terezamarievaltova)

Models: Beata Kurucz (beata_kurucz), David Strelecek (evanula1), Ivo Kovac (irako_sei), Linda Vondrova (xenobae)