Slam Jam x Nationhood: Beyond History

Archivio Slam Jam Curated by Nationhood

Mode2, Luca Benini, Futura 2000 & Alberto Scabbia in Modena (IT) during “Defumo” event, 2001

Luca Benini wears a Pervert t-shirt, NY 1993 /

SLAM JAM varsity jacket designed for Slam Jam team, 1993

Over 30 years since its establishment, Slam Jam, street culture brand leader, is opening the doors of its archive for the first time with an exclusive project devised by Nationhood.

Founded by Luca Benini in 1989, Slam Jam was born to serve the underground long before the term “streetwear” existed, becoming the first Italian importer of then unknown brands such as Stüssy. From its headquarter in Ferrara to the fashion capital of Milan, Slam Jam honed a unique and highly distinctive style guided by art, music and clubbing, connecting tribes of like-minded people across the world.




Nationhood is a multidisciplinary studio founded by Achille Filipponi and Matteo Milaneschi. Its goal is to generate new codes and languages in the field of cultural communication, focusing on editorial design. The studio partners with international brands and cultural institutions. Its activities span from the creation of magazines and photography books, through the creative management of digital projects, to curatorship.

The project of the Slam Jam Archivio curated by Nationhood comprises a new location in Slam Jam’s headquarters in Ferrara, and a consultable online atlas stemming from an experimental publishing plan focused on the brand’s cultural heritage.

The private collection of Mr. Benini is now a new cultural resource with its own digital platform, a long list of publications, and various offline off-shoot activities hinging on visual art and culture. Nationhood designed an infinite scroll to connect different contents in a sequence of images, a collision of Lo-Fi cinema and visual brutalism aesthetic. The upshot is a new digital device showing the anthropology of the look and underground subcultures of which Luca Benini was a founding presence: from clubbing on the Riviera Romagnola, London and NY in the early nineties, to the international hip-hop scene and Japan’s noughties fashion neo- avant-garde.




The hyper-photographic atlas is mixed with soundscapes from the around 10,000 vinyls in the collection, offering up the archive in a visual stream that confirms the potential lyricism of chaos and cyberspace as the symbolic place of a new digital romanticism.

The project represents an worthwhile opportunity for all the longtime Slam Jam fans, as well as an opportunity for young fans of urban culture and streetwear, to understand the origins of this current trend which is now so crucial in the balance of the fashion system and of contemporary audio-visual culture.

STONE ISLAND raincoat jacket (1983), UNDERCOVER ‘Space Odissey’ parka (2001),

BAPE KAWS chomper varsity jacket (2005)

(left) stickers by FERGADELIC (2006), cover of FOREZ ZINE issue 0 ‘Slut Rose’ (2009), TRAP FANZINE issue 2 (1993), Slam Jam SUPREME X ANDREI MOLODKIN ‘FUCK BUSH’ skateboard collection (2004)

(right) Giorgio Zattoni, Zoo York Tour, Ravenna (2001)

‘Tre Risvegli in Tre Tempi’ by GIAN BERTO VANNI (1969)

video shooting from Namaskàr produced by SLAM JAM (2007)

‘Crossing the German Border’ video from CARHARTT SPEKTRA (2008)

Text: Mattia Cantoni