Photography by Jinyong Lian.

Rinascita nel Futuro

Photography by Leonardo Casalini.

Été à Paris

Photography by Fabien Montique.

Lady Mary

Photography by JIDARK.

Gentle Curve

Photography by Katy Thomas.

Searching for Zion

Photography by Marcus Riggs.


Photography by Umberto Gorra.

No Church in the Wild

Photography by Kylie Joo.


Photography by Anastasia Akimova.

Moonlight Swim

Photography by Julien Lecomte-Elka.


Photography by Danil Golovkin.

Wild Flowers

Photography by Lucia Fainzilber.

Frank and Lake

Photography by Caterina Romei.


Photography by Marco D'Amico

Gets Me Everytime

Photography by Mauro Maglioni.

Mirror’s Lake

Photography by Flavia Daniele.

American Wildlife / From Europe, with Love

Photography by Mickey Aloisio.

Sunset Countdown

photography by Francine Karagozian.

Made in Russia

photography by Metelkin Mikhail

We Are Not Together

Photography by Emre Unal.


photography by Claus Troelsgaard.

Cosa Ne Pensi del Colore

Photography by Marco Mezzani.

Powerfull Yellow

Photography by Umberto Gorra.


Photography by Giulia Bergamasco.

Under My Light

Riccardo portrayed by Antonio Eugenio.

On the Back Road

Blaise by Danny Scott Lane.

Harmony with nature

fashion designer by Joya Halper

Walk of shame

Photography by Marta Marinotti and fashion by Gabriele Papi.

My skin is black

A story by Lucrezia Ganazzoli and Lullaby.

Everything’s Fine

Kristijan by Anthony Amadeo and Seppe Tirabassi.

Le garçon à la ferme

A fashion photo story by Giuseppe Riserbato.

Yellow Animal

Photography by Ko Myunghun.

Bodies with no regret

Photography by Remmidemmi

Nine hours

Fashion editorial by Fabio Bozzetti, style Viviana Graziano.

Love & Vanity

Fashion editorial from Warsaw.


Photography by Alexander Van Keulen.

Hood By Air

ss 2017 lookbook.

Fashion Weeks SS 2017

Illustration by Anita Ronga.

L’asino d’oro

Thesis project of IED students.


Thesis project of IED students.

Facetasm Men SS 2016

Backstage steals.

Daks Men SS 2016

Backstage steals.

DSquared2 Men SS 2016

Backstage steals.


Headbands-turbans made in Paris.

Damir Doma Women SS 2016

Backstage steals.


The bodies of love.