Border UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-179408"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-179153"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-747778"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-189701"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-315856"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-210686"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-121930"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-974690")); UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-876340"));Art & Video Director: Lisa Marchiani (@lisa.marchiani) Photographer: Sarah Rubbera (@sarah_rubbera) Photographer’s Assistant: Dario Carrara (@_pandak_i) Make-up: Sabrina Trentini (@sabrinatrentinimua)  Hair: Antonio Navoni (@antonio_navoni)  Music Composer: Ludovico Clemente (@ludowing) Fashion Designer: Giulia Magnani (@giuliamagnanicouture) Fashion Stylist: Gaja Corvini (@gajacorvini) Floral Artist: Maria Monteverdi (@maria_monteverdi)  Model: Tommaso Zana (@zan.a.tommaso)  UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-168444"));

Piece of Me

UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-218178"));outer JIL SANDER, pants ROBERT WUN, socks & shoes ZARA UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-124070"));pants XANDER ZHOU UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-126351"));tie MONA, pants ROBERT WUN UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-114354")); top SUNNEI, dress CHOPOVA LOWENA UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-113196")); top & pants ROBERT WUN, socks & shoes ZARA UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-637315"));top PERVERZE, pants 99% UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-185217")); Photographer: Tiger Zhang (@tigre.zhang) Creative Director: Bohan Liu (@bohan.liu), Stylist: Bohan Liu, Siyan Chen (@babysiyan) Stylist’s Assistant: Yu Cai (@eeeeeelenaaaaaa) MUA: Lin Wu (@wulin9047)  Model: Max Paus (@maxpaus)  pants XANDER ZHOU UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-128451"));


UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-651675"));One always has to return to realize what he has left behind, to soak up the imagery of a place that he once seemed to know.     Cristóbal Balenciaga, showed us through his work, that moving away from home is how you learn to embrace one’s origins.  After all, it was in Paris that he reflected in his collections what he absorbed from those dark-era paintings of the Spanish baroque of Zurbarán, Goya or Velázquez.   Palomo is another great example, he always comes back because he is able to apprehend the essence of his land, extrapolating elements such as those polka dots or ruffles of the gowns that the great spanish divas wore, to the international catwalk .   On this occasion, who is returning is the photographer Carlos Darder, after a brief stay in what will now be his home, New York.  It is a fleeting, but very significant, return that somehow reminds the poet in New York by Federico García Lorca.    Carlos does not return alone, but he does it by the hand of Luke Abby, his muse and partner.  A consolidated British photographer resident in the big apple who invited him to trust him and embark on the American dream, and since then the projects in common have not ceased.  They tell us about exhibitions, books and other works where we will witness their creative affinity.   The photographer describes his return as a rehabilitation process.  Spain has become a raft to digest the frenetic pace of the big city.  There is, therefore, an involuntary relief in the tone of these images made at the Madrid Retreat days after they arrived home.  It seems that his land has returned a candid look opposite to the irreverence and the impudence that flood his usual photograph.   The protagonists of these images, have not been chosen at random, an emotional bond joins them.  Darder is generally reluctant to use agency models as he seeks to capture the complicity of those he photographs.  In this way, it is his closest friends who become his allies, and that is when the magic arises.   We see Alex Sobrón, a versatile young creative with a presence in the fashion world.  That at an early age he has a long professional career: From jewelry design to DJing in various cities.  Together with him, Marta González, a multidisciplinary artist who, through illustration and writing, has an extremely introspective work.   The melancholy of these images is undeniable, we see it clearly reflected both in the face of the prostagonists and in the landscape that surrounds them.  It seems that even the park itself is infected with this feeling and tells it through its muted colors that scream autumn.     Clothes play as another pictorial element.  That prevails as one more character, claiming his presence at the stroke of feathers, silks and polka dots. UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-149481")); UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-232339"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-119352"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-165942"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-332339"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-142215"));Photography: Carlos Darder (@carlosdarder_) Styling: Alex Sobron (@axlsobron) Models: Marta Gonzalez Juan (@martagonzalezjuan), Carlos Darder, Alex Sobron, Luke Abby (@lukeabby) All clothes are from Palomospain (@palomospain) All rings and jewelry are from Alex Sobron (@axlsobron) and necklaces from Holyrecycle (@holyrecycle) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-194869"));

Giulia's Dream

UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-636007"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-153847"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-172212"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-183776")); Giulia’s Dream Photography | David PD Hyde UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-116280"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-213269"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-157554"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-160723"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-169539"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-503233"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-406015"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-128377"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-178185"));Photographer: David PD Hyde (@davidpdhyde) MUAH: Bryanna Angel Ryder (@bryanna_angel_mua) Model: Giulia Frump (@giulia_frump) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-190180"));

Winter First Light, Shadow of Night

UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-211367"));(Left) shirt and vest OUR LEGACY, jacket PALLAS X CTJ (Right) turtleneck SSS WORLD CORP, dress LOEWE, coat COACH 1941, overknees ROMBAUT UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-135091"));hat MAISON MICHEL, turtleneck SSS WORLD CORP, shirt Kenzo, trench coat : GUCCI, trousers VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, socks FALKE, leather pumps MIU MIU UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-996912"));(Left) scarf CHARVET, shirt VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, blazer FLORENTINA LEITNER, leather belt ACNE STUDIO, pants OTTOLINGER, boots DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER (Right) blazer OTTOLINGER, top GANNI, pants MSGM, boots UGG, gloves BAJANOVA UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-145142"));(Left) turtleneck SSS WORLD CORP, blouse GANNI, jacket ESTER MANAS, pants WILLIAM FAN, boots COACH 1941 (Right) glasses VIU X ARMES, cape MIU MIU, top GANNI, skirt ODEEH, boots BUFFALO, ruffle stocking BAJANOVA UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-155552"));(Left) jacket SSS WORLD CORP, shirt and tie GUCCI, skirt THE ATTICO (Right) hat MASION MICHEL, turtleneck SSS WORLD CORP, shirt KENZO, trench coat GUCCI UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-174117"));Photographer: Marcus Paarman (@marcuspaarman) Fashion Editor : Charlotte Gindreau (@charlotte.gindreau) MUAH: Natalia Vermeer (@natalia.vermeer) Model: Levan UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-175460"));

Mirror Mirror

UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-422908"));earrings MULBERRY UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-176393"));(right) coat ALEXANDER MCQUEEN UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-122664"));earrings & dress ALEXANDER MCQUEEN UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-212009"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-746254"));top RED VALENTINO, hat SPATZ HUTDESIGN UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-199557"));blazer & shirt ERMANO SCERVINO, scarf MARCEL OSTERTAG Photographer: Alexander Straulino  Stylist: Davor Jelusic (@davorjelusic) Hair & Make-up: Melanie Schoene (@melanie_schoene) Make-up Assistant: Mariana Colmemares (@_marianacolmenares) Model: Marie Louwes (@melanie_schoene) Retouched by Elektronische Schönheit (@elektronischeschoenheit) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-430946"));

L'Homme du Desert

UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-161857"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-148865"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-407392"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-172597"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-104768"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-919261"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-173090"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-928602"));Photographer: Paz Acosta (@pazacosta) Stylist/Fashion Editor: Uriel A. Mena (@urielalejandro) MUAH: Lara Garcia (@azuleonica) Model: Noah (@saudaddy) Digital Retoucher: Edu Forte (@eduforte) Art Consultant: Chiara Legittimo (@chiaralegittimo_) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-104637"));


UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-136339"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-109775"));On Chizoba_scarf PABLO ERROZ, top MISSGUIDED, skirt GUESS, earrings BIMBA Y LOLA. On Barbara_jacket LEVI’S made and crafted, top WEEKDAY, dress ALDO MARTINS, earrings TRUE DECADENCE, boots NAKED WOLFE.  UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-265594"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-106763"));On Chizoba_overshirt LORENZO MARTINEZ, sweater RIVER ISLAND, top COLLISION, skirt ALESSANDRO ENRIQUEZ, necklace and earrings RECLAIMED VINTAGE. On Barbara_begemot by Art-Fashion Gallery ANAKON, sweater LORENZO MARTINEZ, pants JORGE ALAYA, boots NAKED AND WOLFE, beret CACHE TOI, earrings, necklaces and rings vintage.  UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-163458"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-143982")); On Chizoba_hoodie BAAL BOMBER, dress BIMBA Y LOLA, earrings DAIXA SOMED. On Barbara_scarf OPENING CEREMONY, coat PABLO ERROZ, shirt BAAL BOMBER, pants LOVE COPENHAGEN, earrings PDPAOLA, hats and rings vintage.  UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-199756"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-121844"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-131781"));UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-222541"));On Chizoba_hoodie ALESSANDRO MARTINEZ, shirt COS, top MISSGUIDED, hat BIMBA Y LOLA, earrings PIECES. On Barbara_coat myMO, t-shirt ALESSANDRO ENRIQUEZ, top JADED LONDON, pants BIMBA Y LOLA, earrings LIARS&LOVERS, beret CACHE TOI, glasses AJ.  UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-665326"));Photographer: Lydia Metral (@lydiametral) Assistant Photographer: Paz Acosta (@mpazacosta) // Stylist: Eva Bernals (@e.bernal.s) Assistant Stylist: Nuria Turrado (@staystrong78) // Make-Up Artist: Brenda Sarkissian (@brensarkis) Hair: Marta Solé (@martagocare) Model: Chizoba (@chizoba_emmanuel_), Barbara (@skhbarbara) UNCODE.initRow(document.getElementById("script-139314"));