c.a.p.74024 / OUR KISS

The 5th. issue cocktail launch at MIART Gallery in Milan.

St. Moritz Art Masters

The 10th. edition of the art & culture festival.

Chanson Didocentrique

Photography by Dido Fontana.

Fix it

Photography by Emanuele Ferrari.

Churches: a contemporary portfolio

Photography by Stefan Giftthaler.

Bodies with no regret

Photography by Remmidemmi

Endless color

Photography by Maciek Jasik.

Northern Beauty

Photography by Korbinian Vogt.

Family matters

Photography by Claudia Difra.


Photography by Sergey Rogov.

Portraits of girls

Photography by Claudia Difra.

Artist at home

Photography by Fernanda Vallois.

From Russia with love

Photography by Sergey Rogov.

Fernanda Vallois

Soft and intimate photographs from Brazil.

A single man

Photography by Francesco Di Benedetto.


Photography by Adolfo Valente.

It’s not love

Photography by Giangiacomo Pepe.

Full of stories

Photography by Alla Chiara Luzzitelli.

Perfect not perfect

Photography by Luisa Terminiello.

Unbearable lightness of being

Photography by Valeria Lazareva.

Giuseppe Circhetta



Photo project by Pietro Fanelli.

Skin on film

Photography by Davide Padovan.

365 days

Photo project by Fernando Schlaepfer.

Lorenzo Piovella

Architectural landscapes.

Caroline Denervaud

Research through intrinsic movement and forms.

Diane Arbus

Photographs of the eccentrics.

Por no

Video by Andrés Rangel.


Photo project by Martina Lucarelli.


Last ray from the sun.

The sketch first of all

Fashion illustration by Anita Ronga.

An Underwater Essay

Project by Arnaldo Abba.

Fro and to

Domus Academy student project.

The Invitation

Domus Academy student project.


Domus Academy student project.


An exhibition about love.

Luigi Campa

Luigi Campa by Giorgio Codazzi.


Where the eye doesn't look.

The Unknown

Project by by Sylvain Norget.

Alessio Iacovone

Relics of Aborted Loves.


Come inside me.

Matt Hopkins

The bodies of desire.


Historias por Vega y Patiño.